Best 5 Headphones from Sony in 2012

Sam August 18, 2012 0

Sony MDR-V700DJ Headphones

If you want to feel the power of music, then you must buy these MDR-V700DJ studio monitor series headphones, that are perfect for anyone that will use them professionally. They feature swivel, reversible ear cups, supra aural design, that ensures excellent comfort, detachable 10 foot cord made of oxygen free copper, and more.


Sony MDR7506 Headphones

Sony MDR7506 are professional stereo headphones that are ideal for recording in studios, radio, film production, basically anything where high quality sound is required. It features a brilliant, extremely popular design, convenient folding construction, gold connectors, oxygen free copper cord, and more. They are very compact, portable, versatile and uniquely designed.


Sony MDR-V6 Headphones

These powerful, professional studio headphones will let you enjoy in incredible, full range sound, and power handling, they are able to provide you with. The headphones are very quality made, portable, comfortable to wear and really durable. They were manufactured in Malaysia and are really going to last for years to come. They are available at a solid price too.


Sony MDRPQ2/GRN PIIQ Headphones

The Sony MDRPQ2 headphones provide you with powerful bass and clear, incredible sound. They also come with padded headband, which adds to the comfort and an adjustable headband that locks in place. The headphones are quality made, come in a unique design, with special combination of colors and a functionality that won’t disappoint you.


Sony MDRPQ4/BLK PIIQ Headphones

Not only is the design of these headphones really unique, it’s performance is the thing that will blow you away completely. These Sony in ear headphones are quality made, available in different colors, and provide you with clear sound, you have never felt before. The headphones are available at a user friendly, very affordable price as well.

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