Best 5 HTC Cell Phones in 2012

Sam July 7, 2012 0

HTC One X S720e

The HTC One X is running on an Android OS v4.0 and features a 4.7 Inch Super IPS LCD2 touchscreen display with Gorilla Glass, a special Beats Audio support, 32 GB internal memory, 8MP camera with auto focus and LED flash, and much, much more. This phone is perfect for anyone who wants the latest technology in a compact design.


HTC Sensation XL X315E

HTC Sensation XL is the phone, perfect for all fans of music, as it offers you a great deal of fantastic music apps, plus it comes equipped with Beats by Dr. Dre set of headphones, which are one of the best headphones on the market today. Other than that, it also features a 1.5 GHz processor, 16 GB of storage room, 768 MB RAM, and much more.



Capture photos and videos in 3D and view them without those special 3D glasses with this HTC EVO 3D. It’s 4.3 inch display gives you a great view of anything you are doing. Whether you are browsing thru web, looking at images and incredibly fluid videos, playing games. Although it is not as compact as many other phones are, still this HTC is quite nicely designed as well.


HTC Amaze 4G

This is the phone that has raised the bar for those who love Android phones and and want the latest technology now. It may not be as thin as other smartphones, but it is easily comparable to them, with it’s great performance. The LCD display is big enough at 4.3 inches, to do whatever you want.


HTC Vivid 4G

Although it may not be the newest phone from HTC, but this doesn’t mean this HTC Vivid won’t be able to raise to the occasion. In fact it will impress you with it’s amazing performance and great range of apps that are available for it’s users. And not only will you like it because of it’s performance, you will like it, because you will get it at an amazing price as well.

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