Best 5 Network Routers from ASUS

Sam July 13, 2012 0

ASUS Black Diamond N-600 Router

Asus RT-N56U is an incredibly capable wireless N router, that provides you with a dual band connection. It also comes in a ultra slim, elegant design, that will look insanely good, no matter where you put it. It also supports USB storage, and much more. I am sure, you will not be disappointed with it’s performance.


ASUS (RT-N16) Wireless-N 300 Router

This is a powerful router form ASUS, that provides a high performance output ti it’s users. It support up to 300,000 sessions for extensive P2P clients and is able to give you a great coverage with it’s 3 external antennas as well. It’s worth it’s price, for sure.


RTN12 B1 Wireless Router

With up to 300Mbps data rate, this router from ASUS is easily suitable for big multimedia stream, extensive online gaming or files sharing. It is able to deliver you with incredible signal coverage as well. The router is very easy to set up and even easier to use, as you get CD and manual included.


ASUS RT-N12E RT-N12LX Router

ASUS RT-N12LX is a fantastic router, that supports 802.11 b/g/n and is able to offer you with up to 300 Mbps speed. Besides it’s great performance, it’s design is stunning as well. It comes in a black, sleek, slim, clean box that is just incredible. With CD that is included you will be able to instal the router easily and use it in no time.


ASUS (RT-N12/B) Wireless-N 300 Router

With easy to configure functions, and a simple switch between different operational modes, this router will provide you with satisfying connection and a great signal coverage. Allocate bandwidth according to needs and usage and create up to 4 different networks with bandwidth allocation as well.

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