Best 5 Surveillance Cameras from Panasonic

Sam July 29, 2012 0

Panasonic BB-HCM527A Network Camera

With features like progressive scan, SD card recording with audio, Lux color night view mode, built in web server/IP address, and so much more, you get a high quality camera, that will provide you with great performance. This camera is very compact, discrete and really quality made as well.


Panasonic Network Camera

The KX-HCM110A is a security camera that has a web server, control software, email software, and more built right into this extremely lightweight camera. It features 60 degree left and right pan and 0 – 45 degree downward tilt movement, which gives you a total control over everything. You will not regret buying it, for sure.


Panasonic BL-C140A Outdoor Network Camera

With this Panasonic security camera, you will be able to monitor everything, indoors and outdoors. The camera is really quality made and is weatherproof, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. It also features a 3 Lux color night view mode, built in web server/IP address, and so much more.


Panasonic BL-C121A Wireless Network Camera

Panasonic BL-C121A is a wireless security camera, that comes with a compact, sleek, quality made design and a lot of useful features as well. 10x digital zoom, standard image quality with time display, high quality video resolution, great image quality, and more will give you total control over the monitoring area.


Panasonic BL-C101A Network Camera

Not only will this camera impress you with it’s great functionality and design, it’s affordable price will totally rock your world. With 3 Lux color night view mode, possibility of making up to 30 frames per second, built in web server, plug and play installation, and more, you will get everything you need.

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