Check Out Best 5 Scales from Taylor in 2012

Sam October 1, 2012 0

Taylor 7519 Thick Glass Scale

One of the most sturdy and heavy duty glass scales around, is this one made by Taylor Precision Products. With it’s thick and sturdy 10mm glass, over sized platform, that will accommodate all foot and body sizes, capacity of 440 lbs in 0.2 lb increments, this amazing scale will be up to any challenge. The scale also has clean UV glue built in, plus it comes with a brilliant 1.4″ LCD screen with bright blue backlight. The scale is available with a 5 year warranty.


Taylor 7506 Lithium Digital Scale

You will be convinced that you’re receiving accurate readings with this Taylor lithium electronic glass scale immediately. The scale is not only extremely accurate, it is also very quality made, durable and comes in a contemporary design that will suit all modern decor, easily. The scale features a large LCD display with accurate readings up to 330 lbs, an over sized platform, and so much more. I am sure, that you will be satisfied with it’s performance.


Taylor 7404 Ultra Thin Lithium Scale

If you are looking for a new scale, that comes in a sleek and contemporary, very modern design, then this is the product you are looking for. The scale features a full brushed stainless steel wrapped platform, a large platform that is slightly less than 1″ thin, a large 1.3″ LCD readout that is highlighted by blue backlight, and more. The scale is extremely accurate as well, as it can read to the 0.2 lbs precise. It runs on 2 lithium batteries, that are included as well. This is a fantastic product, no doubt about it.


Taylor Stainless Steel Digital Scale, 7407

Once something becomes popular and modern, then everyone wants it. The same happened with stainless steel products, which became extremely popular in every American home. It is no surprise, that scales made of stainless steel quickly became very popular as well, and this one from Taylor is no exception. It is very beautiful, durable and quality made. It features a super strong platform that is able to handle up to 400 lb or 180 kg. This is a fantastic product, that will blow you away with it’s look as well as with it’s performance.


Taylor Precision Lithium Electronic Digital Scale

This is a simple, but very accurate and durable scale, that shows you your weight up to 350 pounds, and it shows you in 0.2 pounds increments. It features a 1.5 inch LCD digital display, that is very easy to read from. It’s non slip texture, instant on option, auto zero option, and more only add to the value of this amazing scale. The scale also needs a lithium battery to work, which is included. This is a brilliant scale that is available at a great price, and in a beautiful design too.

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