Check Out Best 5 Table Clocks from Bulova Clocks

Sam October 3, 2012 0

Bulova Largo Tabletop Clock

Bulova clocks are one of a kind, very sophisticated, extremely quality made and simply one of the most beautiful on the market today. Especially their tabletop collection of clocks is fantastic. This unique clock features a solid wood base, dark mahogany with chrome finish and more. This piece is perfect basically for any kind of placement, it will works perfectly with any kind of decor, no matter where you put it. It is so special, everyone that sees it will instantly love it.


Bulova Frank Lloyd Wright Loggia Gate Table Clock

The Bulova Frank Lloyd Wright clock features an aluminum base, brushed finish, front panel in glass with black, effective mirror design, transparent gray beveled glass in rear, spun finish aluminum dial and bezel, and more. This sophisticated clock also comes with protective glass lens and with clean, sleek lines which make this piece so special and extremely attractive looking. You won’t regret buying it, because it will make every room look more special and modern looking.


Bulova Baron Tabletop Clock

It is my belief that any kind of clock is a must have in every home. Why not adding a bit of style and sophistication to your decor with it as well? This Bulova tabletop clock is the perfect addition to any house. It features a solid aluminum case, brushed and polished finish, black dial with spun aluminum chapter ring, a protective glass lens, and more. The clock is extremely beautifully made, durable and will last you for years to come. This is a fantastic piece, that will impress everyone that sees it.


Bulova Camberley Tabletop Clock

If you are looking to buy a smaller table clock, that comes in a gorgeous, modern design, is versatile and also available at a great price, then this Bulova clock is the product you are looking for. It features a mineral glass case, chrome metal supports, silver toned bezel, protective glass lens, and more. It also comes with beep alarm and not only does this piece show you time, it features a thermometer that shows you Fahrenheit and Celsius scales as well. It is simply fantastic.


Bulova Accolade Tabletop Clock

Sophisticated, simple, elegant, affordable. This amazing Bulova tabletop clock is so versatile, it will fit into any room and will work beautifully with any kind of decor. It features a mineral glass case, spun aluminum recessed dial, spun aluminum bezel with black recessed hour markers, protective glass lens, and so much more. It is an affordable piece, that will look at it’s best anywhere you put it and will blow away everyone that sees it. You will absolutely love it.

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