Conair’s Best 5 Scales for you

Sam October 1, 2012 0

Conair Black Glass Scale

This is one of the most beautiful, elegantly designed digital glass scales I have ever seen. It is the perfect addition to any bathroom. It features a multiple load cell technology, very accurate scale measurements up to 330 pounds, a tempered safety glass platform, an easy to read 1.3 inch LCD display, and more. The scale is very durable and quality made, but still comes with a 10 year warranty, just so you are totally safe.


Conair WW43D Weight Watchers Glass Scale

If you are looking to buy some unique looking scale, that will show you precise measurements, and will fit into any decor, then this is the product you want. It comes with a 1.5 inch lighted ultra large digital display, multiple load cell system technology, an option that can track weight for up to 4 people, and more. The scale is extremely quality made, beautifully designed and very reliable. It also comes with a 10 year warranty.


Conair WW44 Weight Watchers Chrome, Glass Scale

With capacity of 400 lb, oversized, easy to read large 1.5″ digital display, high strength impact design, and more, you will be up to any challenge, easily. The scale is also very beautifully designed. It features a large glass platform with polished chrome frames, and tempered safety glass. It is very easy to use, very easy to read the measurements from, quality made and durable as well. This amazing scale is available at a great price too.


Thinner Glass Scale

This is a beautiful scale that is accurate to a tenth of a pound, that can switch to kilos if you prefer so, and one that is very easy to use and read from, due to the large numbers. The base is oversized, so you don’t have to worry about balancing yourself or anything similar. You simply tap it for the scale to turn on, and use it immediately, it is that simple. The scale is also saving battery power, it comes in a gorgeous design, and at an affordable price.


Thinner Glass Body Analysis Scale

What can’t this scale do is the question here. It is basically up to any challenge and allows you to monitor and analyze your weight better then ever. You can go online and analyze your weight, it comes with a 4 user memory option, it measures body fat, body water, BMI, bone mass and maintenance calories. The scale is very accurate, durable, designed in a unique way and so special, you will love using it. You will not regret buying it, I am sure of that.

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