Discover Best 5 Transformers Toys

Sam November 5, 2012 0

Transformers Human Alliance – Autobot Jazz

If you have a young Transformers enthusiast at home, then this is the perfect product for him. You will bring joy to his life with this action figure, as he will be able to recreate exciting movie scenes or create new ones. The whole set includes Captain Lennox action figure and Autobot Jazz robot to vehicle figure, a launching missile accessory, and a motorcycle vehicle that converts to shielded blaster accessory. This is a set that will keep any transformers fan busy for hours and hours.


Transformers Robot Weapons Bumblebee Plasma Cannon

With this plasma canon weapon, your child will be able to recreate his favorite movie scenes, easily. It’s electronic music, sounds and lights will help him bring the battle right to your living room. This extremely cool plasma cannon features music, lights and plasma blast sounds and even converts to robot fist mode, which is really exciting. This product need 3 AA batteries to work, which are also included. The bumblebee plasma canon is suitable for children, ages 5 and up.


Transformers Deluxe Movie Collection 2 – Cybertronian Megatron

This Cybertronian Megatron figure is made to destroy any opponent and his launching missile accessory will help your child to get the job done. The figure can also be converted into Cybertronian tank vehicle mode, to add more fun and excitement to the whole playing process. His tank treads convert to hover engine accessories to make him a virtually unstoppable fighter. This is an extremely fun toy for every little boy or girl, that loves Transformers. It is perfect for all children, ages 5 and up.


Transformers: Dark of the Moon – MechTech Leader – Ironhide

Every little boy that loves action movies and cartoons, probably also loves Transformers. This can be the perfect gift for your child, because it will bring joy and happiness to his face. The Ironhide Transformer has a chest mounted cannon that makes him almost invincible. He can be transformed from a fiery Ironhide robot mode to topkick mode as well. Ironhide is a veteran autobot soldier who uses advanced weapons to defeat his enemies. This product is perfect for any child, ages 5 and up.


Transformers: Dark of the Moon – MechTech Voyager – Shockwave

If you are looking for a Transformers toy at a great price, that is also durable, quality made and will be the perfect present for your kid, then this is the product, perfect for you. The MechTech Voyager Shockwave is sneaky and powerful, the fiercest opponent for Autobots. He transforms effortlessly into a battling robot to fight and then back to a ground assault vehicle to chase them down. Even his canon converts into a particle wave blaster during the transformation for maximum destruction. Every little transformer fan will just love this toy.

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