Discover Best 5 TV Remote Controls from Panasonic

Sam August 13, 2012 0

Panasonic EUR7737Z20 Remote Control

Whether you lost or broke your old Panasonic’s remote control, this one will replace it, easily. The remote is compatible with TV’s, models TH37PX60U, TH42PX60U, TH50PX60U, and TH58PX60U. It is lightweight, very durable, quality made and versatile.



This is a remote control for Panasonic’s DVD. It comes in a beautiful, modern, bright, very lightweight design, that will completely impress you. The remote is very versatile, quality made and the thing that makes it so special is it’s incredible compatibility. If you broke your old remote control, this one will replace it.


Panasonic EUR7603Z9A Remote Control

If you own any Panasonic TV, models CT32HL43G, CT32HL43UG, CT36HL43G, and CT36HL43UG, or any projection TV, models PT4743G, PT47WX53G, PT47WX54J, PT51HX43G, PT53TW53G, PT53WX53G, PT53WX54J, PT56TW53G, PT56WX33G, and PT56WX53G, then this remote control must be the product for you. It’s performance will satisfy you.


Panasonic N2QAYB000221 Remote Control

You will require no programming, what so ever for this remote control to work. It should work right out of the box, as it comes pre loaded with batteries for your convenience. If you need a new remote control for your Panasonic device, then this is the product you are looking for.


Panasonic OEM Infrared Remote Control

This infrared remote control is compatible with Panasonic camcorders, and it should replace your old one. It is very lightweight, easy to use and available at a great, affordable price too. You will not regret buying it, especially if you are in a need of a new one.

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