Discover HON’s Best 5 Desk Chairs in 2012

Sam October 13, 2012 0

HON 2191NNT10 2190 Wood Series High-Back Chair

With this pillow soft chair, that features custom comfort memory foam in the seat cushion that adapts to the natural contours of your body, you will be up to any challenge. This chair is perfect for anybody that spends a lot of time in the office and need a comfortable, relaxing office chair. The formed seat back of this chair provides lumbar support tufted cushions for some additional comfort as well. Besides it’s extremely comfortable design and attractive look, this chair is also very quality made, so you have to look at it as investment, more then just some randome purchase, because it will make your life much easier.


HON Nucleus Series Work Chair

This is a office chair, that comes with a very attractive look, modern design, and comfort that you are looking for. It is a swivel tilt work chair with stretch back, which seat is made of fabric, plus it also features some adjustable arms and five star base with casters. It’s materials and innovative construction provide any user with great deal of comfort, while the internal structure of seat uses special stretch material that eliminates pressure points. The chair is available in a beautiful black and white combination, which creates this amazing contrast that is modern and simply gorgeous.


HON 7800 Series Universal High-Back Chair

A chair that provides you with as much comfort as this one does, is worth every dollar you spend for it. This universal high back chair features wave formed seat cushion that distributes weight across it’s whole surface area, which reduces stress on pressure points. It’s lumbar support also applies consistent pressure to the lower back, encouraging a proper curve. So you won’t buy this chair because it is beautiful, and quality made, but because it is good for you, and will help you with your back problems, and help you stay healthy. It is perfect for anybody that is in it’s office a lot or works at it’s desk for the whole time.


HON 5001NEE11 5000 Series High-Back Chair

If you are working behind a desk almost every day, and you are looking for an elegant, attractive looking chair, that will make your life a bit easier, providing you with comfort, then this is the product for you. This fantastic chair features thick, seam sewn back cushions that offer lumbar and upper back support, and a mid range knee tilt for more relaxed angle. It is extremely quality made, durable, it comes with an attractive looking design, and a functionality, that will help you get through your day. It is a great product, without a doubt.


HON 2090 Chair

Memory foam in this seat cushion responds to body dynamics, that is why this chair is so fantastic. The tufted, gathered cushions provide exceptional comfort for anyone that uses it. This chair is durable, very versatile, space saving and extremely quality made as well. I am sure, that when you will use it, you will be so impressed by the comfort this chair is able to provide you with, that you will recommend it to all your friends. If you are looking for a simple chair for you office, or home, that will provide you with comfort, you’ve just found one at a great price.

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