Discover The Best 5 Koss Headphones

Sam August 16, 2012 0

Koss Pro4AAA Titanium Stereophone

High quality headphones, like these from Koss, are made for professional recording and broadcasting. Of course, everyone can use them, easily, but they really feel so professional and unique. The product features diaphragms with titanium coatings, vinyl Pneumalite ear cushions, 10 Hz to 25 kHz frequency response, and more. They also come with a lifetime warranty.


Koss Pro-4AA Headphones

Koss UR20 headphones come with features so amazing, that will blow you and everyone that uses them away. These headphones provide you with extended frequency response, they feature a closed leatherette ear cushion, maximum durability, single entry 8 foot cord, and more. They are perfect for anyone, who needs them for professional use, and for those who wants them for fun.


Koss PortaPro Headphones

With unique, beautiful design, these headphones really stand out in the crowd. These headphones come with dynamic element design for deep bass performance, it also features comfort zone setting on temporal pad, multi-pivoting ear plates, adjustable headband, and more. They are extremely comfortable and provide you with really clear sound.


Koss KE29S Isolating Earbud

The Koss KE29S are portable headphones, that feature a dynamic element for extended frequency response, compact design, straight, dual entry with 4 foot cord, and so much more. The headphones are very lightweight, and are perfect for everyone that travels a lot or just enjoys listening to quality music.


Koss SportClip KSC75 Earphones

Looking for quality made headphones, that provide you with great sound, are lightweight, and available at a extremely affordable price? These Koss earphones are what you are looking for. Not only will this product impress you with it’s performance and great functionality, it’s design will rock your world as well.

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