LG’s Best 5 TV Remote Controls in 2012

Sam August 14, 2012 0

LG Electronics AN-MR300 Magic Motion Remote Control

Want a computer mouse instead of a remote control? The LG Electronics AN-MR300 magic motion remote can make this happen. Point, click, scroll and control everything with it. You will easily be able to drag, flick or select what you want to watch, without using additional buttons. It’s an innovation on the market, a product that no one has ever seen before.


LG AN-MR200 Magic Motion Remote

You own a television from LG, but you want to replace your remote control with something more technologically sophisticated? This amazing magic motion remote control is the product for you. It is compatible with LG’s LV3700, LV5400, LV5500, LW5600, LW5700, LW6500 and LZ9700 TV’s. The remote is very lightweight and ergonomically designed, so it is able to fit comfortably in your hand.


LG Electronics Zenith 6710900011Z REMOTE CONTROL

This is a remote control from LG, that is nicely designed, is quality made, durable and comes with all the main features a quality remote should have. It is perfect for anyone that lost, broke or just want’s to replace their old remote control. This one is up to any challenge and will do it for you. It is available at a customer friendly price as well.


LG Electronics Zenith AKB72914003 REMOTE CONTROL

A remote control, like this one is just perfect for anyone that owns a TV from LG, but has no remote, whether it is broken or it just doesn’t work anymore. This remote works with the following TV models: LG Electronics/Zenith 42LE5400, LG Electronics/Zenith 47LE5400, LG Electronics/Zenith 55LE5400.


LG Electronics Zenith AKB72915206 REMOTE CONTROL

This is a remote control for LG television, and is compatible with models 55LD520, 47LD450, 32LD350, 42LD520UA, 37LD450, 42LD450, 32LD450, and 37LE5300UC. It is compact, quality made, very durable and comes with all features a great remote should own. It is available at a fantastic price as well.

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