Panasonic’s Best 5 Microwave Ovens in 2012

Sam September 2, 2012 0

Panasonic NN-SD967S Microwave Oven

Panasonic sure is a well established brand in department of electronics, so you get quality made products, and fantastic performance if you decide for their products. And this microwave oven is no exception. It features 2.2 cu. ft. capacity, 1250 Watts of power, one touch sensor cooking, stainless steel design, easy programming, multi-lingual menu, action screen, and so much more. You will simply love having it, and because of it’s beautiful design, you will love showing it to your guests as well.


Panasonic Prestige NN-SD797S Microwave Oven

With capacity of 1.6 cu. ft., 1250 Watts of raw power, one touch sensor feature, cooking and reheat option and more, you will be up to any challenge. This amazing microwave comes with a stainless, fingerprint resistant design, that looks modern, unique and really special. It also features dial control with blue LED operation guide, that allows you easy programming, half mirror door, 6 digit display, and so much more.


Panasonic NN-H965BF Microwave Oven

The oven may take up a great deal of counter space, but much of that space can be attributed to the large interior capacity of 2.2 cubic feet, so you will be able to fit an entire meal into it. This amazing microwave operates with 1,250 watts of power, plus it features multi-lingual screen display, one touch sensor cooking, and more. It’s not so compact design will still look very attractive in any kitchen and will simply look stunning in any decor.


Panasonic NN-SD681S Microwave

This stunning microwave oven comes with beautiful, spacious design, that looks modern, very attractive and fits into any kitchen, easily. It also comes equipped with Panasonic’s patented Inverter technology that offers linear cooking which prevents overcooking, 1200 watts of cooking power, on touch sensor cook, blue fluorescent display, programming dial, turbo defrost technology, 10 power levels, timer, and more.


Panasonic NN-SN760S Microwave Oven

Panasonic NN-SN760S is a microwave oven, that provide you with very useful, powerful features and a clean, beautiful design at a great price. It comes with capacity of 1.6 cu. ft., stainless steel design, one touch sensor cook and reheat, 1250 Watts of power, Inverter technology, turbo defrost option, flat panel that allows easy programming, 15 inch turntable, 6 digit readout, 10 levels of power adjustment and more. It is also available at a great price.

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