Best 5 Audio-Technica Headphones for you

Sam August 16, 2012 0

Audio Technica ATH-M50WH Professional Headphones

The Audio Technica ATHM50 headphones are designed especially for professional mixing. They feature an incredible, portable, space saving design, plus they come with ear pieces that swivel for 180 degrees, luxuriously padded ear cushions, adjustable headband, and so much more. They are comfortable, provide you with excellent sound and are made to last you for years to come.


Audio-Technica ATHM50S Professional Monitor Headphones

Audio Technica ATHM50 are studio monitor headphones, that are perfect for anyone that needs them for professional reasons. They feature an efficient collapsible design, great ear pieces that are able to swivel for 180 degrees, padded ear cushions, straight cable at the left earpiece and more. This product is simply fantastic, due to it’s comfortable design and it’s ability to provide you with raw power.


Audio Technica ATHES55BK Headphones

Whether you are looking to buy new headphones for fun or you need them professionally, the Audio Technica ATH-ES55 headphones are indeed for you. They feature a very wide frequency response, comfortable ear pads, foldable design, carrying pouch and more. They are really great for those who travel all the time as well, as they are comfortable to wear and very lightweight.



These headphones are able to provide you with a range up to 40 ft., QuietPoint active noise cancelling feature, over the ear design, and more. All together make these headphones a truly outstanding product, and provide you with combination of performance, great value, comfort and portability. The headphones won’t disappoint you with it’s incredible performance, I am sure of that.


Audio-Technica ATH ANC23 Headphones

ATH-ANC23 come with a QuietPoint Active noise cancelling feature, in ear design, they reduce background noise by up to 90%, while still offering you with a superior sound. They were made to make any user feel as comfortable as they can be while using them. The headphones are very quality made, portable and available at an incredible, user friendly price too.

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