Best 5 Belkin Network Routers in 2012

Sam July 13, 2012 0

Belkin AC1200 Dual Band Router

Belkin AC1200 router is able to provide you with up to 2.8 times faster connection, than N Technology routers, which is pretty impressive. This router is able to take you and your connection to a whole new level of performance. It is also a dual band router, which allows you to connect multiple devices, for multiple movie streaming.


Belkin N Wireless Router

Featuring a USB storage port on the back of the router, Gigabit Ethernet ports for a wired connection, it works on a 802.11n 2.0 technology which provides wireless coverage of any size home or office, and more. This router provides you with a powerful performance, without a doubt.


Belkin Share N300 Wireless Router

If you are in a search of a new high speed wireless router that comes with N technology, provides you with great deal of speed and that is space saving, then this is the product for you. It’s dual plane antennas ensure you a three dimensional home coverage, which gives you a consistent signal all the time.


Belkin F5D9230-4 v5 Wireless Router

This is a simple router from Belkin, that comes with 2 antennas, which provide you with a bigger range and better signal throughout the whole house or office. This router may not be as powerful as ones above, but it still gives you a performance, worth it’s money.


Belkin Play N600 Wireless Router

With a dual band N technology, you will get a lightning fast, reliable speed for video streaming, music listening and gaming. The hidden dual plane antennas and it’s Mimo technology provide you with a great, consistent coverage too. This affordable router is very easy to set up and usel.

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