Best 5 Car Stereos from Pyle

Sam August 21, 2012 0


This car stereo has so much to offer. It comes with USB/SD/MMC card reader, that is on the front panel, alongside with alphanumeric LCD digital display. The stereo also has an electronic shock protection feature included, as well as 4 channel high power output, and so much more. It is able to provide you with total output of 4 x 50 Watts, plus it has a remote control included as well.



Pyle PLCD34MRW stereo is equipped with a dual band radio, CD player, USB and SD slot, special weather band feature that allows you to receive updates on weather conditions, and more. You can easily connect your MP3 player to it as well, using the front panel aux slot. It’s beautiful display shows minutes and seconds of the playing song, while it’s integrated anti skip mechanism prevents tracks from skipping.



With an amazing car stereo, like this one, that provides you with brilliant performance and a simple, but still elegant design, you will add an ultimate accessory to your car. This stereo features a digital LCD display panel, USB, SD, MMC slots, it allows you to connect your MP3 player to it, and so much more. The whole package also includes a remote control, so you can change songs and settings safely, without having to lean forward. It’s an amazing product.



The PLR33MPD is a multi featured stereo from Pyle, that is able to play music from four different sources. The AM/FM radio, USB stick or SD card, that you load with MP3 or WMA files, aux in port, so you can plug your iPod, iPhone, or any other mp3 to it, and the CD player. It’s big screen shows you everything, while the 60 watts of power, each on four channels provide you with raw, incredible performance.


Pyle PLR34M

Looking for a simple, still powerful car stereo, that comes with a remote control, beautiful design and is available at an incredible price? The PLR34M is a product that you are looking for. It comes with AM/FM radio, USB or SD card unit, nicely sized LCD screen, aux port to plug your mp3 in, and so much more. It’s performance is strong, while it’s design features sleek, clean lines. You will not regret buying it, I am sure.

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