Best 5 Cases for BlackBerry in 2012

Sam August 7, 2012 0

BlackBerry Leather Pocket for BlackBerry Bold 9000

With this leather pocket, you will be able to keep your BlackBerry Bold secure and completely risk free. The leather pocket doesn’t only protect your phone, it provides you with comfort while you keep it in your pocket. It is very adjustable and compact as it features a convenient swivel clip as well. You will not regret buying it, I am sure of that.


Blackberry Leather Pocket Cover Case for Bold and Touch

Although this pocket cover case doesn’t come with a belt clip, but still it provides you comfort, safety for your phone and a stylish design. It is designed in a way that easily slides in your pocket or purse. The cover is made of leather and comes with chrome Blackberry logo.


Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 Leather Swivel Holster

BlackBerry swivel holster is outfitted with a swivel clip so it can provide you with maximum wearing comfort. It is made of leather so it will make you look stylish and modern all the time as well. The case is suitable for BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930. It is very durable, quality made and it won’t disappoint you with it’s functionality.


BlackBerry Bold Hard Shell Case

This BlackBerry hard shell case easily snaps on the back of your phone, and keeps it protected, plus it gives it a unique, stylish look, you will simply love. You will love the way your phone will look and you will be pleased by the protection it gets. It is available at a very affordable price too.



With this silicon skin case, you will be able to completely protect your BlackBerry Torch 9850 and 9570. The skin case is able to provide you with maximum protection against scratches and scuffs, plus it plus it keeps it in great condition. The silicon case is very durable, quality made and will last your for years to come.

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