Best 5 George Foreman Contact Grills in 2012

Sam September 6, 2012 0

George Foreman GRP4EMB Evolve Grill

Now you will be able to enjoy in healthy meals with this versatile grill from George Foreman. It is designed in a way that provides you with fantastic performance, as it features a unique adjustable slope that lets you lay the surface flat for even cooking, plus it lets you cook everything without oil or butter. It’s large, 84 square inch cooking surface is big enough, for you to make meals for whole family at once. You will simply love using it.


George Foreman GRP4EP Platinum Evolve Grill

This fantastic grill provides you with large surface, so you will make healthy, tasty meals for your family every day in just minutes. It’s special nonstick coating lets you cook every meal without oil or butter as well. The grill also features digital time and temperature control, dishwasher safe removable plates and accessories, and more. You will get a 4 plate starter set that includes 2 grill plates, 1 deep dish bake pan and 1 mini burger insert.


George Foreman GR0072P G-Broil Countertop Grill

George Foreman grills are very quality made, have been on the market for a long time and surely won’t disappoint you with it’s performance. This amazing grill is not an exception. It features a patented slope design and nonstick 72 square inches cooking surface, which allows you to provide your family with healthier meals and less smoke during cooking.


George Foreman GRP4 Plate Grill

If you want to cook healthier meals in just minutes, then this grill must be the perfect product for you. With it’s 72 square inch removable plate, unique George Tough nonstick coating that let fat and grease drain away as you cook, you will be up to any challenge. It’s removable plates and custom accessories are dishwasher safe as well, so you won’t be able worry about cleaning it yourself, because the dishwasher will do that for you.


George Foreman GR20B Nonstick Grill

This is a simple to use, compact grill, that features a patented slope design and nonstick 60 square inches cooking surface, which allows the fat and grease to drain off, while you’re cooking. You will be able to make healthier meals for the entire family with this grill, easily. It comes with a beautiful design, that won’t take much space in your kitchen, plus it is available at a great, affordable price.

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