Best 5 Meade Telescopes in 2012

Sam October 27, 2012 0

Meade LT 6-Inch SC Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

The LT-6 from Meade is a computer controlled telescope that will provide you with high performance, like you’ve never seen before. It features premium advanced Coma Free Meade optics, precision worm gear drives, sturdy die cast aluminum mount, durable steel tripod, and more. This telescope is perfect for anyone that is looking for a high resolution visual observation product. It will satisfy everyone that is looking for high end optics, computer control, and a compact design.


Meade ETX90EC Telescope

Whether you want to observe sky, stars for fun, or is this a part of your job, the Meade ETX 90ec will be up to any challenge and will fully impress you. It provides you with fork mount, pushbutton electronic control, standard 4 speed dual axis drive, cordless operation, internal flip mirror system, for straight or 90°C viewing, and more. This is a brilliant product that won’t disappoint you, I am sure of that. The telescope also requires 8 AA alkaline batteries, that are not included, to work properly.


Meade 20099 StarNavigator Refractor Telescope

This Meade 20099 StarNavigator is a quality made, durable refractor telescope that is very easy to operate and is also computer guided, which makes learning and observing galaxies and other planets even more fun. It features a large 102 millimeter diameter refractive lens, that captures more light for brighter images, the AudioStar hand controller with Astronomer Inside technology that provides a guided tour of the night sky, the motorized mount that will guide the telescope from object to object while the built in speaker, and so much more. You will love it, I can guarantee that.


Meade 114 EQ-ASTR Equatorial Reflector

Every year reflectors are becoming more and more popular with amateur astronomers, and that is because they are providing the most quick and easy way for you to observe planets, stars, and more. This Meade reflector is perfect for observing the Moon and planets like Saturn and Jupiter in detail. You will also be able to view deep space objects with is. It features a large 114mm diameter reflective mirror that captures more light for brighter images, two premium 1.25 inch eyepieces for superior eye relief and a wide visual field, and more. The product also has an instruction DVD included.


Meade 20218 NG-70SM Refractor Telescope

If you ever had a wish to connect your telescope to your iPhone and thought this was impossible, well now it is possible. The Steadicam Smoothee is specifically designed and engineered to work with your Apple iPhone 4. It allows iPhone 4 owners to capture incredible video without the shakes normally associated with hand held video shot on the go, which is so amazing. It’s quick release mount lets you instantly swap camera connections between your Smoothee and any tripod too. This product really is something special.

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