Best 5 Projectors from Epson

Sam August 3, 2012 0

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350

Epson V11H373120 PowerLite 8350 is a high tech projector that provides you with an entertainment at a whole new level. Want to watch movies or sports at home, need it for playing games, or at work for meetings, it will be up to any challenge. Everything is possible because of Epson’s fantastic technology, like Epson’s D7 chip and contrast ratio of 50,000:1, 12 bit technology, 3LCD, 3 chip technology, and so much more.


Epson EX71 Multimedia Projector

If rich, crisp picture, reliable performance, solid price and extremely beautiful design is what you are looking for, then this Epson projector is for you. With 3LCD, 3 chip technology, USB port, native WXGA resolution, HDMI audio and video connection, 2500 lumens color light output, the Epson EX71 is up to any challenge, easily. You will not regret buying it, surely.


Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 705 Projector

This is a projector from Epson, that features a 720p resolution, widescreen performance, that works perfectly, if you are watching a lot of movies, play hours and hours of games and more. Also with bright 2500 lumens color, advanced 3LCD, 3-chip technology, 1.2x optical zoom, and auto keystone, you surely won’t be disappointed with it’s performance. This projector comes in a sleek, modern, elegant design as well.


Epson PowerLite X12 Business Projector (V11H429020)

You will easily be able to do crisp, bright presentations with this projector, due to it’s XGA resolution and 2800 lumens color. Because of the great connectivity due to the HDMI port, you will also be able to connect it with your computer at home, play video games and so much more. This Epson projector is uniquely design and available at a quite affordable price too.


Epson VS210 Projector

Lightness, easy to use features, affordable price and fantastic performance is what make this EPSON VS210 so special. Nothing has ever been easier, as you can play videos games, watch movies at home with it, use it for work, at the office and so much more. The projector is so versatile, portable and delivers incredible picture. You will not be disappointed with it’s performance, I am sure of that.

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