Best 5 Samsung Home Theater Systems in 2012

Sam July 25, 2012 0

Samsung Electronics HT-D6730W

This is a perfect example of what a powerful home theater system looks like. This is a 3D entertainment package, that will rock your world. It features 7.1 channel, 1330 watt of power, advanced “3D audio depth” technology, vertical surround sound, and much more. It’s the best of the best.


Samsung HTD6500W

It doesn’t matter, what you need this home theater system for, whether it’s for viewing a simple 2D picture, movie or seeing incredible 3D images, this system is up to any challenge. Not only will you be able to watch 3D movies at the comfort of your home, you will be getting the true experience with the surround sound, this system provides you with.


Samsung HT-BD2T

The SAMSUNG HT-BD2T is one of the world’s first blue ray theater systems. You’ll get the best picture possible and the highest quality of audio. The system provides you with true HD 1080p picture, plus it features 7.1 channel speaker system, 24 movie frames per second playback compatibility, and a sleek, stylish design with blue LED accents.


Samsung HT-E5500W HTIB

With 5.1 Channels, 3D possibility, built in Wifi, web browser, wireless rear channels, surround sound, and more, this home theater system will impress you, without a doubt. And not only will you be blown away by it’s performance, you will simply love it’s stylish, modern, sleek design, that will add the richness to any room.


Samsung HW-D650S

This is a home theater system from Samsung, that comes with some amazing features at a great, affordable price. It comes with 100 Watts of power, built in Dolby Digital, DTS decoder, 7.1 channel, Crystal Amp Pro, 4 HDMI inputs, 3 composite inputs, and much more. You will not be disappointed with it’s performance, I am sure of that.

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