Discover The Best 5 Hamilton Beach Coffee Machines

Sam August 27, 2012 0

Hamilton Beach Two Way Coffee Maker

This brilliant coffee maker allows you to do your coffee in two different ways, you can single serve it or full pot it. It comes with 12 cup glass carafe included, plus it uses ground coffee, unique scoop measures and filters ground coffee, so you make perfect coffee every time. The machine is made of durable stainless steel construction, which also gives it an edgy design. This is a fantastic product, no doubt about it.


Hamilton Beach Programmable Thermal Coffeemaker

Hamilton Beach provides you with exquisite, one of the most beautifully designed coffee makers on the market today. And this automatic drip coffeemaker is not an exception. It features no twist lid for instant serving, so you just press and pour the coffee, thermal insulated carafe that keeps coffee hot and fresh tasting for hours, programmable timer that wakes you up with freshly brewed coffee, and more. With this amazing machine, your coffee will stay fresh longer, and will still taste delicious and very flavorful.


Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Thermal Coffeemaker

With this Hamilton Beach coffee maker, you will be able to make great coffee, brew really fast, clean it up easily and you will give your kitchen a fantastic, new look, once you pot it on the counter top. This coffee maker is designed to make rich, flavorful coffee that stays hot for hours. And it doesn’t matter if you make coffee just for yourself or for 10 people, the quality of the coffee stays the same.


Hamilton Beach 47334 BREWSTATION PRO

Enjoy one hand dispensing, with no pouring, and without any spills. This is a coffee machine, that allows your coffee too stay fresh longer as there is no hot plate to scorch coffee flavor. You can make wake up to freshly made coffee every morning, because of the brilliant programmable clock, that is included in this coffee maker. A coffee maker, designed to make your life easier.


Hamilton Beach 48465 Programmable Coffeemaker

Hamilton Beach 48465 programmable coffee maker features one hand dispensing so your last cup tastes as fresh as the first cup. This coffee maker features several brewing options, which makes it one of the most versatile on the market. You will be able to choose from bold, regular, iced coffee or small batch options, easily. This brilliant coffee maker is available at a great, affordable price as well.

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