Discover The Best 5 JVC Headphones

Sam August 19, 2012 0

JVC HANC250 Noise Cancelling Headphones

JVC HA-NC250 headphones combine incredible, clear sound quality, with superior noise canceling technology, and very compact design. The headphones are able to eliminate up to 85 percent of background noise, which is really amazing. Each earpiece comes with a double housing structure, which adds an extra sound insulation layer. The headphones use 1.5 volt AAA battery for powering the noise cancellation circuitry. You won’t regret buying them, I am sure of that.


JVC HARX700 Headphones

These headphones are able to provide you with deep bass sound reproduction, and a design that will fit perfectly. Not only are these headphones extremely comfortable to wear, they provide you with really clear, powerful sound as well. They are very quality made, and will last you for years to come.


JVC Ham5X Xtreme Headphones

Looking for quality made, stylish headphones that will give you the powerful performance you need? These JVC headphones are the product for you. They feature an all around ear design, extreme deep bass port, 3.94 foot cord with gold plated plug, and more.


JVC HAFX67W Headphones

These JVC headphones feature soft silicon rubber air cushions, friction noise reduction cord, iPhone and iPod compatible slim plug, cord clip, soft silicon rubber ear pieces in 3 sizes, and more. They are extremely quality made, durable, and will successfully reduce the noise that is coming from outside. They will impress you, I am sure of that.


JVC HAFX1X Headphones

If you want to buy yourself quality made headphones, that won’t cost you too much, will last you for a long time, and will come with a bit of edgy look, then these are headphones you want. They feature a high end look and powerful performance, plus they are available at an extremely affordable price. They are very comfortable to wear as well.

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